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Entry #3

One day NG will be like this...

2008-10-23 14:47:53 by Caged-REmix

...well my NG anyway. ONE DAY!!! (This was for a Forum in general, and I really like what I did =P)

One day NG will be like this...


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2008-10-23 14:51:26

Holy fuck.


Sign up date needs to be sometime in 1999 or 2000.

Rank needs to be Supreme Commander. Blams and Saves need to be at least 25000+

Whistle status needs to be Deity, AND WITHOUT THE PICTURE OF A FUCKING MUDKIP.

EXp. Points needs to be over 38640 (I think).

That picture lurks of 4chan.

Caged-REmix responds:

Well its a simple joke.... and wtf is 4chan?


2008-10-23 15:40:14

I smell shit.

Caged-REmix responds:

I smell douche